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The Colourful Hungarian Castles colouring book for children is out now!
You can order it here
1590 Ft + postage or by at one of our partners.

Koloratour - the colourful travelling companion!

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Children, traveling, memories, souvenirs - our life is all about these things. We have wished so long for premium souvenirs about Hungarian sights, which help our children to remember the places we visited, be it historical, cultural or geographic significance. This was the reason why we have funded Koloratour.

If you travel a lot and would like to bring your children or your friend's children a great souvenir, then we will be your colourful travelling companion!

The Colourful Hungarian Castles is our fist publication, a colouring book, which shows 14 of the many beautiful Hungarian castles. Some of them are shown in their present form, the rest in older ages. The colouring will be fun for children, who like to follow the rules and also for the ones, who would like to be given a free hand. With it's foolish graphics and high quality material the Colourful Hungarian Castles colouring book will be enjoyable for adults too!

Our goal is to offer the Colourful Hungarian Castles in the souvenir shops of all presented castles and in their neighborhood. You can find a list of our partners here.

You can order the colouring book directly from us too: info@koloratour.hu